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Our Responsibilities

Climate Consciousness

At PMAC, we are deeply conscious of our environmental impact. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices to protect the planet for future generations.

Carbon Footprint

While industries typically emit carbon dioxide, at PMAC, we are committed to mitigating our carbon footprint. Through innovative practices and investments in green technologies, we actively work towards reducing emissions and fostering environmental stewardship.

Solar Power Integration

Embracing renewable energy, we harness the power of solar to reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources. Through partnerships with government initiatives and external providers, we integrate solar solutions to minimize our environmental impact and drive sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibilities




For all of our employees, including the management of PMAC, safety comes first and foremost. We constantly provide our personnel with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) awareness workshops as training to ensure they are knowledgeable about all safety protocols. Through these initiatives, we are able to provide our staff with the knowledge and tools they need to work safely and securely. In keeping with this, we also instruct them on how to use the factory’s machinery and tools in addition to personal safety gear. In order to make sure that everyone is aware of all the guidelines pertaining to security and safety, the company regularly holds weekly safety briefings and demonstrates drills. All of these protocols guarantee that every worker is completely safe while on our factory’s property.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

In our company, we place a high priority on corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is one of our key values. We consider it an honor to be able to contribute back to the society that has helped us get to where we are today rather than viewing CSR initiatives as a chore or a necessity to be completed.

Among the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives the company has supported are community development events sponsored by different non-governmental organizations, Lion’s Club events, and donations to different Rotary Clubs that use PMAC funds to support their community service initiatives.

Contributions from PMAC to a school for impoverished kids in Tamil Nadu’s Nandambakkam Village serve as an illustration of this. Along with providing funding for the purchase of basic equipment like projectors, screens, tables, seats, etc., the administration has also taken care of the school’s ongoing upkeep and repair.

PMAC proudly supports Vanam India Foundation’s impactful environmental and community initiatives. Established in 2015, Vanam promotes green practices and sustainable living through tree planting and awareness campaigns. We’re honored to align with their noble cause, reflecting our commitment to society and environmental preservation for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our Initiatives

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6 Lakh Saplings across Villages of TN

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