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Augmented Reality


Our clients can monitor the work from their offices thanks to our digitally integrated shop floor that is powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and equipped with cutting-edge tool technology and measuring devices. Digital supervision and measurement accuracy testing are made possible for our clients by the horizontal deployment of digital technologies.

Our USPs give us a competitive edge:

  • Tailored solution for customers with sub-assembly route.
  • Specialty machines to boost productivity, reduce costs and save time.
  • Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) for accuracy.
  • Washing machines to guarantee the parts are clean and ready for assembly.
  • Conveyors to make online inspection simple.
  • Dedicated Tool Crib facility to enhance productivity.
  • Robust in-house technical team with the ability to develop a wide range of fixtures in a short amount of time.

Innovative and sustainable operations:

  • A completely automated subterranean chip conveyor guarantees a pristine shop floor and appropriate waste disposal.
  • The Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) makes sure that parts for machining move easily.
  • Using online coolant management to stop loss of efficiency.

The Age of Remote Supervision

PMAC’s Remote Supervision enables quick response, inspections, audits, training, and economical problem solving while giving its clients a hands-free communication method. It makes digital record-keeping and case compiling simple.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Lower expenses.
  • Quicker problem-solving & reconciliation.
  • Enhanced client contentment.
  • Diminished environmental impact as a result of less trip.

Features of Smart Glass wearable technology

  • PMAC technicians wear smart glasses at work, providing a virtual tour of the work process; audits can even be conducted virtually. This technology is more dependable than traditional cameras, which do not accurately simulate ground conditions as augmented reality does.
  • Customers can watch work progressing at PMAC’s Plant from the comfort of their offices. With smart glasses, the transparency settings maintain full visibility of the background.


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